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Taking care of your new pieces

A detailed way to keep your pieces looking fresh 24/7!

Read the CARE CARD below and follow the instructions to ensure your pieces will last longer than ever!

C A R E  


A majority of my gold pieces are 14k or 18k gold filled. This metal can withstand the forces as long as you take good care of them. Gold filled jewelry is durable, but not 100% tarnish resistant and the amount of time that each piece will last is dependent on your lifestyle. 

A few things to think about:


CHEMICAL CONTACT: Please do not expose any pieces to chemicals such as fragrances, skin care, lotions, sprays, harsh/medicated soaps and shampoos, sunscreen, chlorine, or sulfur based products. Chemicals react with the metal causing your jewelry to tarnish and lose its shine.


Sometimes it’s not tarnish! Skin produces natural oils and can sometimes react with the surface of metals causing your jewelry to change color or texture. If this occurs, clean your gold filled jewelry under room temperature water and mild soap. Afterwards, pat dry, do not rub the pieces! Microfiber cloths are also very effective. Every few weeks or months, you can use a gold-polishing cloth to maintain the shine of your pieces or if you notice any areas looking dull or darkening.


STORAGE: While you may want to keep your new pieces out for all to see, the way you store your jewelry in plain site may cause the jewelry to tarnish! Therefore keeping jewelry in a box & in a cool dry place will protect them from a oxidation and tarnishing.



Gold plated jewelry consists of a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal such as brass or nickel. I recommend to remove all plated jewelry prior to exposure to water or chemicals, as your jewels may tarnish or oxidize. Please follow the same chemical contact, residue, and storage guidelines listed above.


Please follow the same instructions for Gold Plated Jewelry. Over time beads can lose their color coating and the coloring can rub off in water. To avoid this, store your beads in a dry cool area and please do not wear in the water or while working out, using damaging chemicals, etc.

Care: Text


Before wearing: hand wash your new suit and lay flat to dry.

After wearing: make sure to rinse out any chlorine or saltwater that may be in the suit. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.


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